Held at the Swinomish Gymnasium, 17311 Reservation Rd. La Conner WA


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Upcoming Special Events

10th Anniversary Celebration
Aug 4th – 6th 2017

Come celebrate our 10th anniversary!
This event will be taking place all weekend, from Friday night, Aug 4th through Sunday morning, Aug 6th. $50.00 Admission for weekend (500 Person Capacity)
Please register by contacting Bobbie C. at: 360.941.7674 or email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


AA is a Spirit

AA is a spi​rit.
It cannot be touched, nor can it be completely understood.
It is as wide as the world, yet small enough to fit snugly into the mind and heart of man.
It has brought life where only darkness dwelt.
It has given hope to the helpless and help to those who know no pity.
It has given strength to the weak and humility to the strong.
It has given greatness to the common.
It has spurred to higher goals those who strove for nothing.
It has brought to the destitute a home. It has transformed sorrow into a weapon of happiness.
It has taught patience to the hurried and action to the slothful.
To youth it has given vision.
To the aged-promise,
To the lonely- companions,
To the restless- rest,
To the sick- it has given a doctor,
To the dying- it has revived the desire to live,
To those that have fallen- it has given a helping hand.
It has no judgement against the unteachable, nor has it praise for those who learn.
To the outcast it has been a family.
To the childless it has given children.
To the ignorant- wisdom,
To the wise-tolerance.
It has given​ love for truth with enough left over to share with each other.

Author Unknown

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